The Skinners' School | South East

We are Clearlyeco, a brand new student company from The Skinners' School in Tunbridge Wells.

We create handmade decorations and lighting from recycled bottles and jars, each one unique and lovingly made.

All our products are made with sustainability in mind, and our core company ethos is reuse, recycle and rethink. Too much rubbish is thrown away in Britain, and so we aim to reduce the amount of glass waste, by recycling glass and rethinking how we use our waste.

Choose to reuse!


Our Products

Christmas candles

£ 6.00

yarn painted glow up bottles

£ 12.00

Glow up bottles

£ 10.00

Team members

Isaac Fellingham-Adkin

Managing Director

Jamie Tucker

Deputy Managing Director

Jesse Gerscher-Conneley

Finance Director

Ben Sattow

Deputy Finance Director

Matt Morey

Operations Director

Joe Evers

Marketing Director

Jeshom Saka

Creative Director

Hayden Tibbals

Human Resources Director

James Craske

Company Secretary

Agustin Fernandez

IT Director

Hugo Wood

Company Employee

Dom Radley

Sales Director