Royal Grammar School | South East

We are VynUp a Young Enterprise company dedicated to upcycling unused and unplayable vinyl records and unwanted CDs/DVDs/ games, into a range of high-quality household products, including, clocks, bowls, coasters and placemats. Our aim is to promote the concept of upcycling among both younger and older demographics, while also engaging with the music culture that so many of us appreciate today.


Our Products

Vinyl Bowl

£ 5.00

CD Clock

£ 10.00

Vinyl Clock

£ 10.00

Team members

Hemish Gholkar

Managing Director

Utkarsh Dandanyak

Deputy Managing Director

Ayush Bose

Finance Director

Ed Crook


Jack Feakes

Sales Director

Jamie Gray

Marketing Director

Nick Andrews

Social Media

Jack Paulson

Milo Coombs

Product Design

Anushan Sivananthan