Tees and Coffee

Peter Symonds' College | South East

Tees and Coffee

Tees and Coffee is a sustainable company at heart and we are "Doing It Differently". 

Our aim as a company is for our planet to become a better place to live in.

Our T-Shirts

Our T shirts, are reformed, regenerated and repurposed.
Made from soft fibres reformed from organic cotton production processes.
Made from fibres regenerating from plastic bottles.
To come together to make a unique hand printed repurposed T shirt.

Our Coffee Cups

Made from wheat-straw, our coffee cups have the abilty to naturally breakdown at the end of their life.
By using our cups, you prevent unnecessary waste of single use, disposable cups.

Our Products

Preorder Reusable Coffee Cup

£ 6.60

£ 8.10

Team members

Pushpit Bhardwaj

MD + HR Director

Isaac Greaves

Finance + IT Director

Liv Nilsen

Marketing + Operations Director

Shravanthie Fernando

Sales Director

Jenny Turner

Secretary Director