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Broken Chargers. We all have them.

Do you want to save your money as well as the environment?

We founded Techonomics because we saw the great wastage and negative impact on the environment resulting from the disposal of charger wires that could be easily protected to prevent them breaking in the first place.

From this problem, the Cozy Cord was born.

The small product solves the problem elegantly by dispersing the tension at the end of charger wires that causes them to break, resulting in them needing to be replaced less often. Not only does this help the environment, but it also saves you money given that a new iPhone charge costs £19 from Apple. Why buy a new charger when you can protect the one you already have for a fraction of the cost?

We worked closely with producers to ensure a design that effectively achieves this goal, giving you the best possible product.

We hope you like our product,



Our Products

Cozy Cord (Rose)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Fuchsia)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Jet Black)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Leaf Green)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Scarlet)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Sky Blue)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Lemon)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Sunset Orange)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Regal Blue)

£ 2.00

Cozy Cord (Ivory)

£ 2.00

Team members

Ishan Prakash

Managing Director

Arya Mandal

Deputy Managing Director

Reeva Bhatia

Deputy Managing Director

Anthony George

Finance Director

Parth Bhatnagar

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Alexei Gutierrez-Demina

Operations Director

Pranav Jayakumar

Sales Director

Timi Owoeye

HR Director

Aidan Hollingworth

Sustainability Director