Edgbarrow School | South East

Our student company is a team of 14 Edgbarrow School students working together to grow our
business named ‘Succinct’. We plan to sell a small, tidy box called ‘Rox’ that consists of 60 cards, most of which hold the recipe to a delicious drink, including smoothies, protein shakes and more. All of our recipes are health based. We are producing this product because traditionally, recipes come in the form of books and often, people would write down on a card, their own specific recipes so they can make them again. We saw a gap in the market as recipe cards in a box is unheard of and may be in high demand as they are simpler and easier to use than a book as you can take out your favourite recipes and keep them in a handy place in the kitchen or on top of the pile. We plan to sell our product for £7.99 per box to our target audience of older teens to adults that are motivated by their physical well-being.


Our Products


£ 5.00