Stratford Off Shore

Stratford upon Avon School | West Midlands

At S.O.S we aim to;

  • Reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic waste dumped in the ocean yearly - 14% of that being bottles, which we aim to raise awareness about how buying and using an reusable drinks bottle will help to lower that horrendous figure.
  • To reduce the impact on the ecosystems being badly damaged by that waste, by selling lifetime water bottles,
  • Try to reduce the total amount of waste in an expanding radius starting in stratford, our goal is to encompass the whole of the uk in an state of awareness on how using one-time bottles can lead to irreversible damage to our planets wildlife.

Please - Hydrate and help eliminate plastic waste.


Our Products

Blue Reusable Drinks Bottle

£ 7.50

Clear Reusable Drinks Bottle

£ 7.50

Team members

Samad Ali

Managing Director

Matthew Lewis

Marketing Director

Barbara Caruso

Operations Director

Josh Rivett

Marketing Director

Alex Perks

IT Director

Jared Taylor

IT Director

Sophie Duncan

Business Secretary

Rosie Rogers

Sales Director

Kait Hicken

Finance Manager