Register your YE student company

Step 1.

Welcome to YE Market Place, a bespoke online sales platform solely for Young Enterprise student companies; it is the only approved online sales platform for YE student companies.


The platform will enable your student company to:

  • Create a profile of your YE student company
  • Upload photos and videos about your student company
  • Upload pictures, description and a price for each product
  • Sell products direct to the public and receive payment electronically
  • Manage orders and advise customers of delivery and despatch dates
  • Take part in YE organised competitions and online trade fairs
  • Engage with visitors and customers who view your market place

Please note that YE Market Place is currently only available to student companies in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

We've put together some helpful hints, tips and guidelines for your student company to use when selling on YE Market Place in the Market Place section of YE Online. Please read these carefully.

Once registration is complete and you have successfully taken 5 short quizzes you will be directed to your store where you can begin to create your student company profile and connect to Stripe our payment provider. You should allow approx. 20 minutes to complete the registration and quizzes. To complete registration you will need:

  • Your YE student company number
  • Confirmation your product/service has been approved centrally by YE using the Product Approval Form
  • Email addresses for at least 2 of your other team members

If you want to make the most of selling online at least one member of your student company should complete the online digital skills courses on Digital Marketing and using Social Media for Business. You can register for these free at any time.

Step 2.

For Year 9 student companies this must be the email address of the Centre Lead / Teacher

Confirm our product/service has been approved centrally by YE using the Product Approval Form.


Step 3.

Please complete the fields below to register your personal user account. For Year 9 student companies this must be the Centre Lead / Teacher.



You must now accept the YE Market Place terms of agreement. If you are younger than 16 years old you will need to get approval from your Centre Lead / Teacher.

I have read and agree to abide by the YE Market Place terms of agreement and I accept receiving relevant emails from YE Market Place. I understand that we will need to successfully complete 5 short quizzes to show that we have understood relevant policies, before we can access our YE Market Place.



Quiz 1.


Remember that normal business rules still apply when you sell online, so you must provide things that customers want to buy online, at a price they are prepared to pay.

If you make any significant changes to your product characteristics or want to add a new product to your range after the product has been approved, you will need to complete another product approval form and submit to your YE Area Manager before adding it to YE Market Place.

Quality Control - According to the Consumer rights Act 2015 products must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. Therefore, it is important that you have a quality control process for your products. This must include a regular inspection by the Business Adviser or Centre Lead. In addition, YE may also ‘mystery shop’ to check on quality standards.

Stock Levels - When selling online it is important that you have plans to review your stock levels regularly to ensure you have enough stock at all times to fulfil orders placed by the public. You will need to complete a product and price list with the minimum stock levels you guarantee you will hold. Setting a maximum number of products a customer can order for any transaction also helps to ensure that you can fulfil orders. You need to avoid being in a position where you cannot fulfil an order placed by a customer online.

Intellectual Property - It is important that your company name, product or service does not infringe the IP rights of a third party. Trading online and having a digital presence means that any infringements are more transparent and you are n =more likely to get caught.

What is Intellectual Property? Take a look at:

If YE has grounds to believe that a YE Product or Service or the YE student company name infringes the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of a third party, or a third party claims that a YE Product or Service infringes its IP rights, YE reserves the right to remove temporarily a YE Product or Service to investigate. Following its investigation, YE may decide to remove that YE Product or Service from the platform permanently if YE believes it is appropriate to do so.

If you are contacted by a 3rd party regarding IP concerns, please do not respond directly. Please contact attaching the correspondence

Take a quiz about the products you are selling online

Your Product/Service

When selling your product/service on YE Market Place

Select all that apply:

Stock levels

Select all that apply:

Quiz 2.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Respecting other people’s Intellectual property is an essential part of any successful business. Which of the following should you check before use to ensure you have the rights and are not breaking the law:

Take a quiz about Intellectual Property

Select all that apply:

If you are contacted by anyone about concerns over Intellectual Property what should you do?

Select all that apply:

Quiz 3.


There are a number of YE e-commerce policies which you need to understand and agree to comply with before completing your registration to sell on YE Market Place. Ask your Business Adviser if you have any queries

We understand that YE may Mystery shop and if our YE student company is found not to comply with YE e-commerce policies or any aspect of the Participation agreement YE can remove our profile from the YE Market Place

Make arrangements for delivering orders - You will need to make plans for how you will ship orders, so plan ahead and don’t leave it until the orders start rolling in.

What packaging will you use to ensure that your products arrive in a good state? How much will that add to your costs? Will you use Royal Mail, Parcel Force or a courier service? Will it be tracked or signed for delivery?

Return of Goods – You must clearly record on your Market Place profile a C/o YE student company address where customers can return goods. You need to be aware that you need to pay for postage of return goods and that YE will monitor return rates of goods centrally and will contact your student company directly if return rates become an area of concern

Now take a quiz about the YE e-commerce policies

The YE Online Consumer Goods Terms and Conditions:

Select all that apply:

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy sets out:

Select all that apply:

YE Data Privacy Policy

The Data Privacy Policy explain to a user of YE Market Place what personal information will be collected about them, how it will be used and stored, who it will be shared with and how they can take control of this data. There are strict new laws which govern how personal information can be used – this is GDPR legislation which stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Your student company needs to be familiar with this legislation because you are responsible for the security of your customers’ personal data.

We have put together an information sheet on GDPR which you can read HERE. It explains your legal obligations when dealing with your customers personal information.

Select all that apply:

Terms of web-site use

Select all that apply:

Fulfilling orders

Before you go live on YE Market Place, which of the following is it important that you decide:

Select all that apply:

Return of Goods

Select all that apply:

Quiz 4.


To help customers find your products, direct them to YE Market Place. Please note that YE Market Place is solely for the promotion of products in the UK and you can only take electronic payment from UK customers with UK bank accounts.

To learn more about how to drive customers to your Market Place profile there are free online course available covering Digital Marketing and using Social Media for business.

Build Trust - Buying online is impersonal and involves a lot of faith; reassure visitors as much as possible, for example, include good photographs of your products and your team.

Provide Excellent Customer Service - Excellent customer service is vital when selling online and is particularly important because it minimises the risk of customers asking for their money back. If a customer stops the payment with the bank for any reason, your student company risks that they will receive a charge back fee of £15. Attention to detail in your customer service will help minimise this. Think about including a compliment slip/card/note with your product which suggests that if the customer has any problems that they contact you directly in the first instance to try and resolve any issues. This will then give you the option to settle any issues outside of Stripe and avoid the charge back fees.

Don’t forget existing customers - Once your online Market Place is up and running, remember that existing customers are your best customers. Encourage them to visit YE Market Place to keep them informed of what you are doing.

Take a quiz on marketing and building customer trust

Which of the following is true about Marketing YE Market Place?

Building Trust with Customers is important – which of the following are true?

Select one answer:

Select all that apply:

Quiz 5.


In order to take payment through YE Market Place you will need to set up an account with the online payment provider, Stripe. You will need to have opened a YE student account with HSBC and link this to your Stripe account as part of this set up process. Visit the Finance section of YE Online for instructions and to download the Bank Account application forms, if you haven’t already.

Full instructions on setting up your Stripe account are available HERE.

It is important that you read and comply with the agreement between Stripe Payment Services and your YE student company. Stripe Services Agreement Your Business Adviser will be able to help if you have any queries.

Charges - You should be aware of the following charges to your student company when making transactions through Stripe:

6.4% + 20p charge per transaction - you may wish to add these charges in to the cost of your products

Charge back fees due to disputes - You should be aware that there is a £15 charge back fee to Stripe for any dispute from a customer. You should familiarise yourself with the Stripe Disputes and Fraud webpage which gives useful tips on how you can prevent disputes.

Even though disputes are few and far between, to avoid any charge back fees you may wish to include a card/compliment slip/note with your product which suggests that if the customer has any problems that they contact you directly in the first instance to try and resolve any issues. This will then give you the option to settle any issues outside of Stripe. An example of a dispute would be:

  • Credit not processed
  • Duplicate
  • Fraudulent
  • Product not received

Disputes should not be confused with normal refunds.

You should also note that when a customer makes a payment transaction using Stripe that on their bank records the transaction may show as 2 parts and include the company name 'Future Sparks Norway', which is the name of the host platform. You may wish to advise your customers accordingly.

We have read and agree to comply with the agreement between Stripe Payment Services and our YE student company

We have read and understood 'How Can I Prevent Disputes?' on the Stripe Disputes and Fraud Page.

Take the quiz on Setting up your Stripe account

Select all that apply:

Select all that apply:

Which of the following is true about avoiding disputes?

Charges for using Stripe to process a transaction

Select one answer:

Thank you for completing your YE Market Place registration. Your registration has automatically been forwarded to the YE Market Place administrator for approval. In the meantime, you can begin to build your student company profile page.

Good Luck!

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