Pasithea Enterprise

The Misbourne School | South Central

We are Pasithea Enterprise, an ethical Young Enterprise team from Great Missenden. We pride ourselves on our quality handcrafted wooden products. 

The reason behind our company name, Pasithea the Greek God of relaxation, is because our products are entirely based upon enjoying a quiet evening at home relaxing. For example:

  • Handcrafted bath tables ideal for relaxing in the evening after a long day
  • Candle Holders that are made from recycled norweigen pine christmas trees

More products tbc at a future date? Absolutely :)

Our team is made up of eight Year 12 students from the misbourne school who are dedicated to making and supplying high quality products. 


Our Products

Candle Holder

£ 5.00

Team members

Alex Dashwood

Managing Director

Danni Gibson

Finance Director

Jamie Brewer

Sales Director

John Akhurst

Digital/Technology Director

Dillon Evans

HR director

Holly Stacey

Operations Director

Amy Burgess

Company Secretry

Alesha Stables-Thorne

Marketing Director