Northampton High School | East Midlands

“Lighting the way to a better future”


We are a social enterprise company from Northampton High School, we are motivated by our chosen non-profit charity ‘Conservation International’, all profits made will be donated.



We chose this charity because we were inspired by their movement to help the environment and we hope you can help make a difference.


Our Products

Each bottle is receive as a donation from local pubs we take care and craft them into decorations perfect for a gift or to style your home. You are welcome to browse our products to gather inspiration to create your own.


Our Products

Standard Bottle Light

£ 5.00

Seasonal Bottle Light

£ 7.00

Illustrated Bottle Light

£ 7.00

Bespoke Bottle Light

£ 11.00

Team members

Charlotte Ashby

Managing Director

Amy Schumacher

Company Secretary

Maddison Saunders

Finance Director

Saskia Jessop

Sales and Marketing Director

Rena Baines

IT and Digital Director

Hazel Kelman

Operations Director

Natasha Coetze

Human Resources Director