New Oceans

Mayfield School | South East

We are a company that aim to reduce plastic in the ocean. Our products include reusable water bottles and biodegrdable plastic and paper straws.

Our oceans are being destroyed every day by people not recycling their plastic waste, animals mistake the plastic for food and often die or end up seriously injured.

Bottles which are used one time and then thrown away are a large cause of this issue, buy one of our water bottles and re-use it for life! 

Straws that are also thrown into the oceans or on beaches which get washed up by the tide get stuck in animals noses and so they cannot breathe. By purchasing our biodegradable straws you are choosing an easy alternative to plastic waste. Our straws degrade in water in 3-4 months.

If we don't reduce our plastic waste today one day we won't have any marine life.

say NO to pollution 


New Oceans 

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Our Products

Rose Gold Paper Straws

£ 3.95

Shark Grey Paper Straws

£ 3.95

Salmon Pink Paper Straws

£ 3.95

Set of Straws

£ 10.00

Clear Waters Water Bottle

£ 9.95

Coral Red Water Bottle

£ 9.95

Ocean Blue Water Bottle

£ 9.95

Team members

Baillie Paterson

Managing Director

Blaize Siggers

IT Director

Kitty Ashby

Operations Director

Zara Truman

Marketing Director