Reading Blue Coat School | South Central

Our Story

At Lignum, it is our goal to allow everyone to enjoy our high - quality, personalised products that can shape your home or make the perfect gift for those close to you. Our aim as a company is to ensure we meet the highest standards of production and most importantly, your satisfaction.


Who we are

We are a Young Enterprise team of highly skilled Reading Blue Coat School Students. As A-level students we represent a variety of talents, each studying a range of courses, including DT, business and economics. Combined these leave us with skills in all necessary areas for a successful business.




Our Products

Set of 6 Coasters

£ 25.00


£ 5.00

Wine Rack

£ 40.00

Large Cheese / Chopping Board

£ 40.00

Small Cheese / Chopping Board

£ 30.00


£ 35.00

Cufflink / Jewellery Holder

£ 15.00

Team members

Oliver Smith

Managing Director

Amy Bennett

Vice-Managing Director

Charlie Cox

Financial Director

Ollie Lee

Sales and Marketing Director

Matt Calhoum

Quality Control Manager

Cassian Cockings

Operations Director

Ethan Paige-Mason


Matt Jones


Will Frood

Sales and Marketing Team

Anya Donelly

Sales and Marketing Team

Dom Wheeler

Sales and Marketing Team

Anand Dave

Sales and Marketing Team