Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys | South East

Hello and welcome to Harbour. We are a business run by Year 12 students at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys students.

We create art and canvases using natural resources such as pebbles and wood.

All materials used are sourced ethically and sustainabily. All products in our portfolio are: designed, sourced, crafted and sold by our team members, providing a youthful twist to charming pieces of art. Each design has been handmade therefore is unique to you!

Please contact us with any questions and follow our social pages to stay updated!


Our Products


£ 35.00

Tree of life

£ 17.00

Coloured heart

£ 17.00

White heart

£ 17.00

Boat journey

£ 17.00

Team members

Harry Francis

Managing director

Gabriel Kupper

Deputy managing director

George Shaw

Financial director

Tristan Stocker

Coordination & IT director

Louis Gillespie

Marketing director

Alex Wildgoose

Sales director

Alex Homard

Operations director

Jacob Bottley

Human Resources director

Takbir Rahman

Public Relations director