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GlowNco is a lighting based company that sells bottles and jars filled with fairy lights and knitted decorations. We aim our product at a wide variety of old, young and middle-aged people. To make us sustainable, GlowNco considered the environment by using only recycled bottles to minimise our carbon footprint. Also; through packaging, we are using recycled newspapers to wrap up our bottles, jars and knitted decorations.


Our Products

Mason Jar Lights (Clear)

£ 4.50

Bottle Lights (Clear)

£ 6.00

Bottle Lights (Dark Green)

£ 6.00

Bottle Lights (Light Green)

£ 6.00

Team members

Jacob Smith

Finance Director

Amy Carr


Hannah Moss

Marketing Director

Leo Eaton

Managing Director + HR

Freddie Stringer

Sales Director

Mya Hanif

Technology Director

Ifza Hamied

Operations + Sustainability