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We are an all female team called Glo from Oxford High School. Currently we are in the process of making two different main products which are both focusing on two prevalent issues we were worried about. 

Firstly we were aiming to raise awareness about crucial mental health issues in our society today. We believe that mental health is often neglected which has significant negative consequences especially among young people because they may become reluctant to open up and seek support. We decided that a good way to draw the attention to this issue could be designing and producing items of jewellery which were linked to changing the way people perceive mental health. In other words, we are keen to promote the idea that mental health should not be something people find difficult to discuss. This product currently consists of a silver necklace with a serotonin molecule charm. Although serotonin has many functions, we thought of making the most of its popular image as a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.

Our second product is a thermoelectrically powered emergency light source which is currently in production



Our Products

Serotonin necklace

£ 8.50

Team members

Becky Hore


Elizaveta Sheremetyeva


Emily Wenban-Smith

Administrative & HR

Jacky Hyder


Amina Sagna


Miranda Dorkins

Marketing & Sales

Lucy Horobin

Marketing & Sales