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       What we do

We are a Young Enterprise company, run by students who are passionate to better themselves and make notable changes to the community. We will provide quality products and run our business ethically and successfully.

We are committed in trying to produce high-calibre clocks for all children. Given that all of our designs are analogue clocks, it can be a helpful learning tool for all of your little ones in their development as well as educate them about the importance of wildlife

Our designs are centred around animals. We feel responsible as a new company to do our bit for the preservation of wildlife and its inhabitants, all of our packaging will come with information on how to adopt or aid the conservation of our animals depending on which design you choose.  


Our Products

Penguin Clock (Online Order)

£ 17.50

Lion Clock (Online Order)

£ 17.50

Elephant Clock (Online Order)

£ 17.50

Penguin Clock (Trade Stand ONLY)

£ 17.50

Elephant Clock (Trade Stand ONLY)

£ 17.50

Lion Clock (Trade Stand ONLY)

£ 17.50

Team members

Tom Turner

Assistant Managing Director