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A small, 5 person team of year 10 students situated in Scunthorpe, Chamelemugs aims to create efficiency in doing something a little special for someone else - More specifically, making them their hot drink of choice!

Especially in the colder months, a good cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate goes a long way to make someone's day. The benefits of our product may not be as prominent as some of the other products, but you'd be amazed at how convenient it is to have a mug that no one else can steal.

With an unlimited range of colour choices, we hope to satisfy anyone who wishes to purchase!

Orders will be placed every week during our meetings, and should be with you not long after!


Chamelemugs: Adapting to You!


Our Products

Chamelemugs Customized Mug

£ 6.50

Team members

Archie Wilson

Managing Director

Adam Holt

Sales Director

Mason Devita

Marketing / Media Director

Arronn Jegatheesan

HR Director

Jake Powell

Finance Director