Bluecoat Academy | East Midlands

Midas is an urban, street-style clothing brand made for anyone looking for fashionable apparel to wear. 

We aspire to inspire: our customers feel confident and comfortable in our popular designs.

Like Midas, our attire leaves all of our customers with the confidence to turn what they touch into gold...



Our Products

White Tiger of Midas female

£ 15.99

White Tiger of Midas male

£ 15.99

Black Tiger of Midas

£ 15.99

BMDC Unisex shirts

£ 15.99

Team members

Vanraj Singh

Operations Director

Paridhi Pande

Managing Director

Kshaf Tabassum

Financial Director

Ezra Owusu

Marketing Director

Orama Chinyama

Sales Manager

Amir Dastouri

Design Manager Lead

Alishba Nazir

Design Manager

Alex Zowonu

Design Manager

Ish Mlauzi

IT Manager