Nottingham High School | East Midlands

We are from Nottingham High School and have developed our brand 'Reading Time'. We have based our company ideas around the theme of sustainability and personalisation. Throughout the journey of our business we have developed a range of products: We made phone cases from recycled plastic which were 3D printed so could be personalised; Christmas decoration kits made from sustainable bio plastic which was derived from corn; and our main product which is reading-time. These are recycled books converted into clocks; the style of the hands can be changed into order to fulfill purpose (whether that is to be decorative or to aid telling the time), and the book on which the hands are integrated can be also specified. Contact us at for any inquiries.


Our Products

A4 Book Clock 'A Tiny Bit Marvellous'

£ 7.99

A4 Book Clock White

£ 7.99

A5 Book Clock Orange

£ 7.99

A4 Book Clock Red v.2

£ 7.99

A5 Book Clock Purple

£ 7.99

A4 Book Clock Red

£ 7.99

A5 Book Clock Country Snow Design *Sold Out*

£ 7.99

A4 Book Clock Blue

£ 7.99

A5 Book Clock Gold

£ 7.99

Reading Time Book Clock Assorted

£ 7.99

Team members

Dhruv Gupta

Managing Director

Ahmad Khan

Finance Director

Luke Barnard

Sustainability Director

Izzy Babawale

Digital & Technology Director

Edward Roberts

Design Director

Lexi Rankin

Marketing Director

Jess Doherty

Sales Director

Sean Morrissey-Ralevic

Operations Director

Kitty Baker

Human Resources Director

Hannah Bajaj

Company Secretary