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Activate: The Card Game is our unique way to keep people engaged with physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Played in the form of snap, Activate: The Card Game can be played by two or more players to encourage a people of all ages to get moving. Simply put, the last person to shout 'Activate!' when two matching cards are on top of each other must perform the exercise specified on the card, and a wooden dice (INCLUDED IN YOUR ORDER) should decide how many times you do this.

Activate: The Card Game is a fantastic, fun solution to maintaining an active lifestyle in a society where this is increasingly needed.

The Activate team is one with high hopes and we cannot achieve these hopes without the help of you! Keep yourself 'Activated' by following us on our social media pages to keep up with our non-stop schedule of providing a step-by-step depth of connection to you!



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Activate: The Card Game

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